My Philosophy

About Talks & Blogging

I believe it is a privilege when someone read my blog or listen to my talk i.e. attention (=time). Anyone reading my blog, is spending few precious minutes, away from their busy schedule reading my views. Event organisers are placing their trust in me, by allowing me to come and present at their events. Event attendees put their trust in me by sitting and listening to my opinions, expecting they will learn something new.

Time is MoneyIf you think about it, there are, on an average 50 attendees at an event. My talks are generally 25-30 minutes which means, I am getting the uninterrupted attention of 50 individuals for those 25-30 minutes.  This equates to 50 x 30 = 1500 minutes worth of productive minutes available to me to present my views.

Each attendee has many options on how to spend their 30 minutes, e.g. talking to their family or friends; taking care of their daily work; reading newspaper; listening to music or watching their favourite video; Instead they have chosen to spend those valuable 30 minutes with me.

Their trust places a lot of responsibility on my shoulders, to ensure that I do enough research and preparation on my talk to live up to their expectations. Hence, I work hard and relentlessly with a lot of dedication to make sure that I am able to present a different perspective on an interesting topic. I do my best to live up to this philosophy in every talk that I give. So if you ever feel that I did not do justice to your 30 minutes, please do come and provide me with your feedback. I am always interested to hear feedback because that is the only way I can improve and become better in presenting material.

About Work

The key mantra of my life, since starting my educational journey, has been “Do something which is difficult, it is exciting, stimulating & also there is less competition”. It is not, that I think competition is bad, or that I do not like competition, it is just that difficult, is exciting and fun.

I have a very strong interest in Information Security, Risk and Compliance domain. I believe that it’s an exciting field and more so, that it’s exciting times, to be in this field. Unfortunately, this domain has been driven a lot from a Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) perspective which has not helped to build a strong and trust relationship with the business community. I hear the following strapline too many times at conferences, in conversations or sometimes even written articles

“Information Security needs to be a business enabler. We need to enable the business”

I completely agree with this, however, I strongly believe that we have a long way to go, to be seen as a true enabling function, by the business community. The only way this could happen is if we ask ourselves a simple question in everything we do and be honest while answering that question. That is, are we adding value to the business? Is my action going to help the business?  If our inner voice says, “No”, then we need to stop and do things differently. I firmly believe in this philosophy and try to follow this in everything that I do in my line of work.

I believe that it’s very important to have dedication, commitment and discipline in one’s personal and professional life, not only to be successful, but simply to do something meaningful. My only objective, in every assignment is to “Work harder &  deliver better”.