Contact Me

Jitender Arora - Profile PictureSocial Connection

I am an easily reachable individual, as I am socially connected most of the times. If you wish to connect and share short message then you can connect with me on Twitter @jee2uu. If you want to learn more about my professional career and connect with me professionally then find me on LinkedIn

One to One Conversations

If you want to have a conversation in strict confidence, you can drop me a line on me <at> jitenderarora <dot> co <dot> uk

Face to Face

I am a big fan of face to face conversations. Even though we have a variety of platforms available to connect, nothing can beat a face to face conversation. I enjoy networking and meeting new people. If you would like to meet, drop me a line and we will find a suitable date and time for a coffee.

Tap me on my shoulder and say hello at a conference

The best part of attending a conference is that it’s an opportunity to catchup face to face with colleagues within our industry. Please do not hesitate to tap me on my shoulder and say Hello if you see me at a conference. You can find out which conference I am attending next via my Talk Schedule